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Longview Schools offers several ways to get up-to-date news and information about our schools. In addition to this website you can now follow us on Twitter or Friend us on Facebook.

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Gmail users may subscribe for website Google calendars by selecting  under any website calendar. 
Non-Gmail users may subscribe for website Google calendars by selecting the links below for the school you are interested in.  You do not need to be a Gmail user to subscribe. 
Please subscribe to all calendars listed for the school to ensure you receive notification for all school events.

Broadway calendars

Broadway, District 

Columbia Heights calendars

Columbia Heights, K-5, District

CVG calendars

CVG, K-5, District

Kessler calendars

Kessler, K-5, District

Mint Valley calendars

Mint Valley, K-5, District

Northlake calendars

Northlake, K-5, District

Olympic calendars

Olympic, K-5, District

St. Helens calendars

St. Helens, K-5, District

Cascade calendars

Cascade, 6-8, District

Monticello calendars

Monticello, 6-8, District

Mt. Solo calendars

Mt. Solo, 6-8, District

Mark Morris calendars

Mark Morris, 9-12, District

On Track calendars

On Track, 9-12, District

R.A. Long calendars

R.A. Long, 9-12, District