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Inside Lines

June 12, 2013
Inside lines will be on hiatus until Wednesday, Sept. 4. Please have a safe and enjoyable summer.

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August 29 kickoff event  features national speaker
We look forward to seeing all teachers and administrators at the August 29 back-to-school event hosted by R. A. Long. The morning kicks off with a continental breakfast at 7:15 a.m. Nationally-recognized speaker and author Jaime Vollmer will deliver the keynote at the session starting at 8 a.m. Years of service anniversaries will be recognized that morning and a benefits fair in the cafeteria will be offered after the program. The program will conclude at 9:30 a.m. For the remainder of the day, staff members will return to their buildings for work at their sites. While attendance at the event is optional for members of SEIU and LCPEA, all staff members are encouraged to attend. The District will also host teachers and administrators from Kelso to hear Jaime’s address. Parking will be in high demand, so you may wish to park at Monticello, Olympic, or along Nichols Boulevard.

Skyward’s look is changing in July
The July 13-14 update of Skyward includes some significant changes to your Skyward home page. The attachment explains the features. During the upgrade window, no Skyward access will be available.

Student roll over July 29-31
Student Skyward will be unavailable July 29-31 for student record roll-up. HR, Finance, and Employee Access will be available at this time. An additional Skyward outage is planned for late-June or early-July weekend, however the final schedule has not been released by the Washington State Information Processing Cooperative through which Skyward operates.

Tech moves, summer shutdowns
Teachers moving classrooms are asked to work with their principals on requesting technology moves. The technology department needs to know teacher name, current room number, new room number and technology equipment in both the current room and the new room. Principals are asked to log one Footprints call detailing the specific information for all their teachers who will be moving. Before you leave for the summer please remember to power off all computers, document cameras, and printers; please leave Neoware, HP, and iGel appliances powered on; remove all batteries from devices such as active expressions and active votes. The technology department will be closed July 1-5.

Kessler make-over
Kessler staff members and workers from technology, operations, warehouse, and maintenance have been busy preparing to hand over the school to the construction company undertaking this summer’s project. When staff and students return in September, the “open concept” school will have a more traditional look with main corridors and classrooms separated by permanent walls and doors. The project is being accomplished with district Capital Funds reserved solely for large construction projects.

Board Highlights
At its June 10 study session, the Board was advised by a consultant to reduce overall square footage of its buildings for long-term fiscal health. At the regular session that followed, Amy Johnson was recognized as Washington’s History Teacher of the Year, Dana Jones and Lori Larson presented a PD report, Dana Jones and Principal Bruce Holway presented a PLC report, and the board set study sessions to discuss long-range planning issues and the 13-14 budget. Highlights are on our website.