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Greetings from Monticello where....

We believe, we inspire and great things are happening


Congratulations to each and see who they are....

Winning the Battle of the Books pays off

These 6th grade students won the Battle of the Books competition and got to go bowling and have lunch on June 10th!


Thank you,  Mrs. Allen!

Mrs. Allen has dedicated five years of service as Principal at Monticello.  She has believed in, inspired, and led the success of each student and staff member.  Mrs. Allen led Monticello through the turn-around process, successfully taking the school out of Priority School status.  We are tremendously grateful for her leadership.  Mrs. Allen has accepted a position as Director of Secondary Principal Leadership for Battle Ground School District for next school year.   We’ll miss you, Mrs. Allen!

Merzoian named Principal 2016-17

Mr. Merzoian, current Associate Principal, will serve as Principal next school year.  Students and staff are excited for him to step into this new role. 

Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) data Reveals Exceptional Student Growth in Math

79% of all Monticello students made at least one school year’s growth or met the year end national norm and made growth.

Teacher Appreciation

Monticello Staff are Superstars!  Staff dressed up for Teacher Appreciation like their favorite movie stars!

Community invited to information sessions on long-range facility planning

A staff-citizen committee is developing a plan to address the district’s long-range building needs, and they want to hear your ideas. See more

In our PE classes

The Mint Valley Golf course sent some pros to Monticello to teach the fundementals of golf.

We appreciate them taking their time to work with out students.






Mustangs at The Evergreen State College

Although these students have a few years before they will attend college, it is never too soon to think about their future. Recently Kelley Johnsen, Educational Talent Search Middle School Advisor at Lower Columbia College, took a group of our students to give them an opportunity to see what college might be like. See more pictures....


Perfect Attendance for 3rd Quarter

The research is clear around attendance being tied to reading and academic success. See who made the Perfect Attendance list this past quarter and are taking steps to academic success.

Monticello at the Orchestra Festival


8th graders take on faculty.

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The staff won the student vs. staff basketball game on Friday.  8th grade teams tried to take control but the staff overpowered the young squads! Could it be the young were respecting their elders and held back? Great time by all! (Photos by Mrs. Peterson)



Perfect Attendance 2nd Quarter

Congratulations to all who made it to school each and every day so far!. See who they are....

It is about saving a life

The PE classes practicing first aid and CPR in their health units. See more images....

The Winter Dance was a huge success! 

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There were over 200 students in attendance and students and staff had a great time.  Special thank you to Mr. Peterson for all of the music and videos and the PTO for all of their work!

Honor Roll - 1st Quarter

Congratulations to all who made the 1st Quarter Honor Roll. See who they are....

Having fun?

Most definitely ...See more pictures from La Chipsa 15


Learning notes...

In order for 6th grade band students to learn their notes and how they apply to music they are getting to learn different instruments.  Volunteer Jimmy Lee helps with the Ukelele!  Fun stuff!!


What goes on at a staff meeting?

We were learning about active learning and the effects it has on students so we were practicing the activities as we learned about them.  During the review of the video we found that some of our staff cheated!  We made the whole group do it over at another meeting!

Get involved and have some fun...

Multi-Cultural Club See some our posters. see more....

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Garden Club see more...

Explorer Club before and after school program see more....


Our 8th Grade Leaders

Parent Letter on Grading

What is Standards-Based Grading?

Did you know you can track you child’s progress?

What are Qualities of a Successful Learner?

More questions answered

Click on the Newsletter to learn more.

Spanish Version


Welcome Back Letter

Information you need regarding the start of this school year.

Includes some dates for

  • school pictures,
  • concerts,
  • how to help with traffic and
  • sports turnouts.

Click on the letter to read it...




Monticello off priority list

Monticello Middle School has reached a milestone.  We have successfully come off of the state’s lowest performing schools list.  Our growth over the last three years has helped to show improvements and successes. 

We now are only identified  as a “Focus” school for the performance of our special education subgroup.  While we still have a lot of growth in many areas we are working hard to get off of every list and be a high performing middle school. 

Our goals for next year will certainly include more focused work on our students with special education needs, and all grade levels will continue their progress in math and language arts instruction.  As a building we will still be refining standards based grading, to make it a highly effective system for tracking student growth. 

Thank you for all of your support to help us with our improvement process.

Has Your Housing Status Changed?

The Longview School District is committed to supporting our students and families to the best of our abilities. If there have been changes in your address because you have lost your housing or needed to move in with family or friends due to economic hardship, you may be eligible for support services through our homeless services liaison. See more.....

Our Tree of Kindness

Wall of Kindness

Our Tree of Kindness is now finished in our cafeteria.  It was a project developed by our 8th grade leadership students who wanted to recognize students in some way as part of anti-bullying week.  The tree has been painted by a Ryan Moats, a volunteer for us.  Students and staff have made leaves that say something kind about each student and staff member at Monticello.  We hope to add more leaves as the year goes on. 


Perfect Attendance

Congratulations to the 59 students who had perfect attandence this quarter and/or semester. See list. A great achievement...congratulations!

Hard at work

At work
Technology in the classroom. If you haven't been in a classroom in a while you not be familiar with this scene. You still paper, pencils and textbooks but the Chromebook provides new sources of information for these students.

Open House Presentation on Standard Based Grading

Did you miss the Open House? Check out the presentation that was given to parents on Common Core State Standards and Standards-Based Grading! 

Blocking English Language Arts and Math

StudyMonticello is trying something new this year.  We have increased student time in math classes to provide extra practice time in a subject that we are struggling with. 

Last year our 6th grade math students showed a huge gain in their math scores on the state MSP test.  We want to have that success translate into all of our grades.  By blocking classes into two periods, students will get more time to practice problems and work with peers and the teacher to get extra help.  Read more....

Does Your Student Need Extra Help?

Homework help is being offered after school on Wednesdays for any student that needs some extra time with school staff.  Our para-educators are available in Room 157 to provide extra help with anything students are struggling with.  Make arrangements with your student so they know where to go.  1:30 to 2:25 on Wednesdays.


Click on the image to see the brochure
Spanish version


If your student is going to be checked out from school during the day, you must call the office at least one hour in advance to give the office enough time to get the student without disrupting classes.

If students are going to be absent for more than one day for a pre-planned absence, all students must complete a form signed by teachers three days in advance of the absences. See details and form...


And more info....

PTO: There are offices still left to fill, please sign up or contact a member.

PE Uniforms: pparents will need to provide black shorts and a white or grey t-shirt for PE.

Medication: The nurse’s office will be open on September 2nd to check in your students medication if they have anything to be administered at school.

College Bound: Did you know that almost 70% of our 7th and 8th grade students qualify for college scholarship money.  Sign them up in the guidance office.

After School Pick up: The front of the building will be blocked off for student pick up after school.  All student pick up should be behind the building to make room for traffic on Hemlock Street.

Attendance Policy: According to state law most absences are no longer excused unless they are for illness, or medical appointments.  If you know your student is going to be absent for any other reason, you will need to get a pre-approved absence form completed.  A complete list of possible excused absences is available on the website under the “parent” links.  Also, when checking your student out please send a note I the morning or call the office one hour ahead so we do not disrupt the learning in the classroom. See details

New School Hours: 7:55am to 2:25pm     *Change* Wednesdays: Early Release Students attend from 7:55am to 1:25pm

Volunteers Needed! 

If you have any time during the week we are looking for volunteers to help our secretaries by being at the front volunteer desk and answering phones.  Also, if you have any desire to assist in the classroom with reading or math we are looking for support for our students.  Please come get the volunteer paperwork so we can get you qualified.  We love our volunteers!


6th graders making progress in reading and math

scoresWe formally assess our sixth graders in reading and math three times a year. 

After our spring assessment we can say 81% showed and increase in reading and 92% in math over the year. 

While some stay the same and some declined several of those students were already above the national standard for grade level and it is much more difficult to grow once you are far above the grade level standard.

Improvement by all students is our goal and having this data enables us to target those who need the most intervention.


Where Are We With Our School Action Plan?

This school year has gone racing by.  As the school year comes to a close it’s time to update our families on where we are at on achieving our goals for the year. Read more....



You can help raise money for the Monticello PTO when you shop at certain businesses. Those businesses will donate a percent of the sales to Monticello.

Register you Safeway Club card, debit or credit card so when purchases are made proceeds come back to Monticello.  It takes 30 seconds and then you never have to think about it again. 

See details....

Learn more about Monticello

Site Action Plan - What are out strategies to achieve our plan this year. Included is a table showing the Achievement Data on State Assessments from Baseline (2010) to 2013. 

Our Action Plan for this year - This detailed document outlines what we are going to do to ensure our students achieve proficiency in reading, writing, math and science.

Attendance...why is it important?

Student attendance is the number one factor in student success while in school.  We want all of our students to be successful but we can’t do this if they are not in their classes where the important learning takes place.  Students that have poor attendance also have a higher likelihood of not graduating high school. Click here to see out brochure for more information.


There are a lot of things we do at Monticello than provide for student services, recognition, motivaton that our normal school budget can't fund. Some of these fundraisers require nothing more than registering your TargetRED card or your Safeway card. Thank you for your support.

  • The student store is open every day in the morning from 7:30am to 8:00am, during lunches, and after school for school supplies, P.E. uniforms, and drinks.
  • We have a box top competition during the year where classes compete for box top prizes.  Keep all of your box tops!
  • Register your Target REDcard and Safeway Cards to support Monticello.   We automatically get a small percentage of your purchase.
  • Or, make a donation to the PTO to help fund school events and opportunities for students to promote academics and positive behavior


See the details...

The Daily News says...

"Monticello Middle School turnaround in full swing"See what they have to say.

See what we are teaching at each grade level

View our syllabi by each grade level.

Parents...want to know how to help your child with reading? Check out our new YouTube videos

Monticello is trying something new this year.  In an effort to preserve important time for our families we are trying to provide opportunities for families to find out about what we are doing at school.  We will do this in a video series  where you can learn about our reading strategies. 

The first strategy is Read Around The Text and all students are using this strategy in their classes.  By using video and internet technology we hope that you can watch the video with your student and help them with reading comprehension. Please check it out. 

The second strategy is K.I.M vocabulary. K is for the key Idea, I is information and M is a memory clue. Check out or video to see how this is used. K.I.M Vocabulary.

Two Column Notes family video - This video describes Monticello Middle School's 3rd literacy strategy, Two-column Notes, and gives tips for parental involvement at home.

New...March 15th...

Reciprocal teaching literacy strategy - This video describes the reciprocal teaching literacy strategy being used at Monticello Middle School.

Read Aloud literacy strategy- Give the reader an idea of what good readers sound like and an opportunity to demonstrate their reading comprehension.

Added...March 30th

Sum it up - This video gives information about the Sum it Up literacy strategy and provides families with ideas for supporting these skills at home.


How can we help?

Being a student is a task in itself. When one of our students thoughts are on where they may be living tonight, having enough food to eat or not getting the medical care they should, it can really impact their readiness to learn. Here is what we found in a recent student survey.

  • Do you know anyone who did not eat yesterday? Yes—28%
  • Do you know anyone who has worn the same clothes for two or more days in a row? Yes—50%
  • How many times have you seen the dentist in the last year? 0 times—20%
  • How many students do you know who need to see a doctor but cannot for various reasons? 1 or more—11%
  • Do you know anyone who worries about not having a place to live? Yes—25%
  • Do you know anyone who does not have a place to live? Yes—nearly 10%

We can often either provide help or point you in a direction to get assistance. Read More.

School Improvement Action Planning

As part of being classified a “Priority” school we have developed an action plan that will help us further our success as a school.  Four areas have been selected as focus areas for the school action plan.  These areas are: Providing strong leadership, using data to inform instruction, strengthening the schools instructional program and establishing a safe and supportive school environment. Read more...

Monticello's Garden

Check out the Monticello Garden.

Emergency Information

We've received information from the district safety officer on videos from the Cowlitz County Department of Emergency Management (DEM) on how to respond to various emergencies. Planning for what to do in the event of an emergency cannot be over emphasized. Some of the video on this page are in Spanish and sign language. A link to the page is now on the Parent menu bar.

What do we do when the weather or other emergency impacts out school day?

Our school hours and other emergency info can be found on the Longview School District website. You will find info about bus snow routes and hours of school operations.

In addition to local radio stations announcing weather delays, you would like to get notices sent to your my email. Sign up for a free service called "Flash Alert". Please note: you must subscribe and keep your contact information updated; some spam filters block these messages; you can get messages pushed to your smart phone or tablet with the FlashAlert Messenger App. Info is on the FlashAlert signup site.
Information will be posted before 6 a.m.



Internet, Mobile Phones and Texting Safety Tips...

Check out some information we received from the U.S. Attorney's Office regarding safeguarding students relating to Internet, Mobile Phones, and Texting Safety Tips. Also if you would read the letter from the US Attorney you will see why we are making this information available.

We need your email address...

If you haven’t already updated or added your email address to your students Skyward information please call the school to do that.  Weekly emails will be sent home by Principals and by teachers to inform you of classroom details and school events.  This is the primary way to keep informed of how your student is progressing.

Planning for High School & Beyond

Parents and Guardians, you are the #1 influence in your child's life. All Cowlitz and Wahkiakum County high schools want to join with you to create an educational experience that will open doors to your student's success. Together we can help students build essential confidence and knowledge to face challenges in whatever they do next. Check out this 67 page comprehensive document to assist you in that process.


Our Mission Statement from a student's point of view....well said....

Lexi Weiser (7th grade) wrote a poem using our mission statement that she read before the entire student body. Well said!

Don’t underestimate the kindness in other humans!
Life gets better as it goes on, it really does.  Don’t give up on your life, just because things happen to you doesn't’t mean you have to give up.  You should never give up, there is so much ahead of you that you haven’t gotten to yet, but soon enough you will get there.  Things happen in life that you may not understand, or you can’t stand.  Just believe in yourself that you can do much better and succeed, all you have to do is just turn the other cheek.  Be who you want to be!  Don’t let anything get you down.  You are yourself and that’s who you have always been since the beginning, and that’s who you will always be.  You will never change no matter how hard you try.  Begin a brand new start if you have to; just don’t let anyone get in your way, find the truth in others and yourself.  Like I said, be who you want to be!
-Lexi Weiser


Inspiring your Child to Succeed

How can a parent inspire and help their child with reading and writing? Here is a one page article that will give you pointers on how to support reading, writing and success in class. Families and Literacy:  Inspiring your Child to Succeed


After School Student Pick-up

In order to take the congestion off of 28th Avenue and Hemlock intersections parent pick-up will now be behind Monticello through the gates on the back side of the gym.  The access gates will be open to one-way only traffic from the back parking lot through to Hemlock street.  The gates will open at 210pm and then close at 230pm.  Parents will be able to park alongside the back of the gym adjacent to the playing fields with one lane of parking and one lane a drive-thru.  Students will be asked to exit the building from the back breezeway and health corridor.  Student safety is our highest priority.  Please use our new pick up route.. (see map)


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