Monticello, where

Our Vision is....

Monticello Middle School is a positive community where consistency,
high expectations, and collaboration
develop leadership and
create a passion for learning

We expect each student to:
Be a Learner
Be Respectful
Be Responsible
Be Safe


Parent Resources

Here are some resources we are providing for parents. We will be adding new topics and website links so visit back.

Literacy videos to date - These have been filmed and produced by Monticello

  • Six Flags - The first strategy is Read Around The Text and all students are using this strategy in their classes.

  • KIM Vocabulary - The second strategy is K.I.M vocabulary. K is for the key Idea, I is information and M is a memory clue

  • Two Column Notes family video - This video describes Monticello Middle School's 3rd literacy strategy, Two-column Notes, and gives tips for parental involvement at home.

  • Reciprocal teaching literacy strategy - This video describes the reciprocal teaching literacy strategy being used at Monticello Middle School.

  • Read Aloud literacy strategy- Give the reader an idea of what good readers sound like and an opportunity to demonstrate their reading comprehension.


Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI)OSPI

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Measurement of Academic Progress (MAP)


Grades and Curriculum

Check your student’s grades on Skyward Family/Student Access

Find out about the MSP (Measurement of Student Progress)

Review grade level learning goals

See where testing is headed in the future

See new classroom standards


Parent U
The Longview School District has a subscription through the local Educational Service District 112 in Vancouver to post these webinars to our web site.  These videos provide valuable information on protecting children on the Internet. 

Bullying Resources For Parents and Families

Parents and family members are often unsure what to do when they suspect that their loved one is being bullied in school. Knowing how to respond in a supportive manner is extremely important. Visit this site for more info...

Attendance - This includes resources for parents dealing with attendance issues