The Mint Valley Elementary Library

Librarian: Susan Force

Mrs. Force's hours at Mint Valley are Monday, Tuesday (all day) and Wednesday (morning only)
Library hours:
8:45 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.

Mint Valley Mustangs are smarter because they work harder!

Lclockibrary Times:

Kindergarten students have library once a week for a twenty minute period. First - fifth grade students have library once a week for a 40 minute

Book check-out:
Kindergarten through 2nd grade students can check out one book a week.
Students in grades 3-5 may check out two books a week.
If students want to renew books, they must bring them to school so they cbookcarean be rescaned into the computer.

Book care:
Books should always be kept in a safe place at home. Food, babies, dogs and water are not friends of books. Students are responsible for the books they check out and need to return them in good shape so other students can enjoy them.

Bdollarsook fines:
Students with lost or ruined books need to pay for the book before they can check out another one.
If all books are not returned at the end of the year, then students will not get to check out the next year.
If students move to another school and have missing books, a letter will be sent to the new school advising them not to let the student check out until the book is paid for or returned to Mint Valley.

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