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Students of the week for October 13, 2014


West Sara Buckley Responsible
Boucher Gianna Hoppie Kind
Smith Sixto Soto Responsible
Wheatley Trenton Conover Kind
Ackerman Hannah Hack Respectful
Fiskum Atticus Decicio Respectful
Hanson Maddie McClain Kind
Morris Gavin Reed Respectful
Gaskins Sarah Stewart Responsible
Meharg Lyla Khlee Responsible
Mendenhall Linnea Kessler Responsible
Johnson Chloe Taitano Kind
Mickelson Mitchell Lindsay Kind
Buckley Hayley Larsen Responsible
Huff Adam Newton Responsible
  Dominique Booth Kind
Muus Josiah Robinson Safe
Bean McKenzie Anglin Responsible
Kessler Ilyas Mehrer Responsible
Hoover  (4th) Evelyn Most Kind
(4th) Gabriella Salas-Garcia Responsible
Kinder Teagan Chapin Respectful


Students of the week for October 6, 2014


Teacher Student Award for:
West Colby Davis Respectful
Boucher Conner Johnson Responsible
Smith Madison Fakler Kind
Wheatley Emmalia Wilson Responsible
Ackerman Conner Byman Responsible
Fiskum Harley Rossman Kind
Hanson Jordan Winans Responsible
Morris Justice Hancock Respectful
Gaskins Alexis Nguyen Respectful
Meharg Lyla Khlee Respectful
Mendenhall Braiyden Moyer Elliott Responsible
Chamblee Bryon Newby Responsible
Johnson Angel Jackson-Garner Responsible
Mickelson Lola Ramirez Responsible
Huff Adrian Mohammad Respectful
Muus Olivia Frizzel Responsible
Bean Gavin Marsden Responsible
Kessler Lupita Flores Kind
Hoover  (5th) Enrique Perez Responsible
     (3rd) Bianka Tommy Responsible


Family access a good way to keep up with your child's progress

Parents may wish to click on the link at the end of this article that takes the viewer to the district's "Family Access" page. It's a good way to check on things such as their lunch account balance, kids attendance, grades, calendar of events,etc. FAMILY ACCESS...>