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Students of the Month for Academic Excellence or Outstanding Effort for December, 2014som-dec2014

Abdi, Hassan
Alvarez-Garcia, Yasmine
Apperson, Emilee
Birruetta, Hilario
Boyd, Chase
Buchanan, Tyler
Burrows, Kylee
Byman, Emily
Coons, Adreana
Davis, Colby
Diaz, Nike
Francis, Kyleigh
Gardner, David
Genantti, Kassidy
Godwin, Bo
Grangroth, Maddi
Johnson, Conner
Jones, Jacob
Jordan, Shaun
Kubi, Adasin
Liasjo, Nina
McGuire, Keira
McMurray, Isabel
Mehrer, Ilyas
Milian, Daymion
Mohammad, Gage
Mullins, Berklie
Nelson, Sydney
Obest, Lukas
Peters, Victoria
Phillips, Ethan
Reddington, Taylor
Sletkolen, Avery
Smith, Courtney
Snow, Riley
Stevens, Starlene
Sturdevant, Aylah
Sweetin, Braydon
Vicente-Pacheco, Flory

Students of the week for January 19-23, 2015


Date:  Week of January 19, 2015
Teacher Student For
West Isabelle Underwood Respectful
Boucher Brody Huffman Kind
Smith Holly Brown Respectful
Wheatley Hailey Rodin Responsible
Ackerman Zella LeClaire Respectful
Fiskum Tyrese Mehrer Responsible
Hanson Avi Garcia Responsible
Morris Charlie Larson Respectful
Almer Heather Peckham Kind
Gaskins Noah Wilson Responsible
Meharg Jayden LaRouche Responsible
Mendenhall Emmett Eriksen Respectful
Johnson Marley Boaglio Responsible
Mickelson Destiny Schneider Responsible
Buckley Aliyah Meadows Responsible
Huff Gabriella Salas Garcia Kind
Muus Cole Byman Respectful
Bean Samantha Robb Kind
Kessler Colton Carlson Responsible




Bud Clary Subaru to donate a brand new bike and helmet to every 5th grader at MV with perfect attendance

Once again Bud Clary Subaru will donate a brand new bike and helmet to every 5th grade student at Mint Valley with perfect attendance. Perfect attendance means: NO Tardies, NO leaving school early, and NO missing days, even if they are excused.

At the end of the school year, Bud Clary Subaru will reward 5th graders who maintain perfect attendance with a BBQ for students and families. At the BBQ we will give you a new bike, helmet and a P.A.C.E. (Perfect Attendance Creates Excellence) certificate for your perfect attendance and hard work.

Family access a good way to keep up with your child's progress

Parents may wish to click on the link at the end of this article that takes the viewer to the district's "Family Access" page. It's a good way to check on things such as their lunch account balance, kids attendance, grades, calendar of events,etc. FAMILY ACCESS...>