Student Recognition at Mint Valley

Mint Valley supports a school-wide positive behavior program based upon:

  • Being Safe
  • Being Respectful
  • Being Responsible

At Mint Valley we have clear expectations in every area of our school. Click on the links below to view our expectations.

Our expectations for:



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Mint Valley Elementary
Criteria for Students of the Month

mustangThese awards are given to students who excel academic excellence or outstanding effort  based on evidence within our classrooms.

In each homeroom, one student  will be selected for each award.
In order to be considered for an award in either area, students must be up-to-date in all subject areas and must not have any discipline referrals for that month. 

Award winners will be announced at an assembly at the beginning of each month for the month prior.  

Academic Excellence Award                

This student attains academic excellence by

    • being self-motivated.
    • setting goals.
    • using his/her time wisely.
    • producing work that is accurate and legible.
    • going beyond basic expectations.

Outstanding Effort Award

This student demonstrates outstanding effort by