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Olympic Elementary Staff - 2015-2016
You may contact staff members by calling and leaving a message in the main office. Call 575-7084
Fax for Olympic: 360-575-7088
Family Room: 360-575-7287
Childcheck/Attendance: 360-575-7085




Mike Mendenhall Principal  
Rita Wheeler Secretary  
Margie Rosenkranz Assistant Secretary/Health Room  
Teacher Grade Room #
Shawna Bernard Kindergarten 1
Shannon Ewers Kindergarten 2
Cindy Goodwin Kindergarten 22
Colin Wells First Grade 17
Edith McKenzie First Grade 18
Terri Williams First Grade 15
Shawna Wilson First Grade 16
Holly Parr Second Grade 14
Carmen Hewitt Second Grade 11
Kathy Duncan Second Grade 4
Carole Shockley Second Grade 19
Jason Mackey Third Grade 3
Daniel Thorsvik Third Grade 7
Leslie Glaze Fourth Grade 5
Mike Bixby Fourth Grade 6
Carrie Bodenhamer Fourth/Fifth 8
Taryn Morgan   Fifth Grade 9

Specialists and Support Staff

Deborah Collucci        Literacy Specialist
Lynda Bartleson P. E. Specialist
Lisa Epperson Librarian
Susan Force Librarian 
Sue Christophersen  Literacy Specialist
Dona Davis Speech/Language
Myla Schumaker Psychologist
Angela Guinn  Resource/Skills Specialist
Christie Hoskins Title 1 Math TOSA
Lisa Lyons   District Nurse
Angy Richards Resource/Skills Specialist
Rebecca Bisson Music Specialist
Ellen Winn Counselor
Jill Hall Community Liaison
Para-Educators Lunch Server
Jan Heinz Para-Educator
Jill Buccola Para-Educator
Leslie Croney Night Custodian
Jo’lyn Ball  Breakfast Server
Wanda Hamm Para-Educator
Peggy Hoffman  Para-Educator
Marcia Hutcheson  Para-Educator
Colleen Johnson ELL Para-Educator
Judy Ridenour Head Custodian
Ginny Schlais Para-Educator
Brenda Strite  Para-Educator
Dave Murray Para-Educator
Kelly Parvas Para-Educator
Cindy Reynolds Para-Educator
Ann Williamson ELL Para-Educator
Danny Edgecomb Night Custodian


Office Hours 8:00 - 4:00 | Office Phone 575-7084 | Child Check/Attendance 575-7085 | Family Room 575-7287