Genetic Disorders
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Pathfinders are pages that offer students selected resources in a variety of media on a topic they are researching. They provide a head start for students as they begin their research project.

Good Places to Start:

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(MAS & Health Source)
  Britannica Online

Online Searching Tips

Use WWW search strategies that give the best results:

    Use "quotations marks" around names with two or more proper nouns:
    Search without quotation marks:
    fanconi anemia
    Search with quotations marks: "fanconi anemia"
    Search with all the words is NOT as good as.....
    ...searching with exact phrase:
    Cri Du Chat Syndrome
    Use AND when combining two different terms:
    achondroplasia"Civil Rights"
    achondroplasia Civil Rights achondroplasia AND "Civil Rights"


Web Portals on Genetic Disorders:

Search Engines:

Find the search engine that best fits your needs.
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