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Bruce Holway, Principal

Greetings from Robert Gray!

The land of the blue and gold Explorers has been a busy place with the start of school!  After a well-received “Meet the Teachers” event, school began as it usually does…….returning students excited to reconnect with friends and teachers while new students navigated their new waters with just a bit of apprehension!  We welcomed our full day kindergarteners who came in like they were up for the challenge.  All indications are that they have made a smooth transition from home and pre-school.  . Read more... 

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What is happening at Robert Gray?


School Supply List for 2014-15

Here is the list of school supplies for this next school year. Supply lists


Office reopens: August 21, 2014
2014-15 School Year Starts: September 3, 2014

Camp Luqua Luqal July 7-11, has two sessions, mornings for 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders and afternoon for 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. See brochures - morning session - afternoon session

*Luqal Luqal means sun and moon in the Cowlitz tribal language

Students of the Month for April

The following students were recognized for Academic, Behavior and Improvement for the month of April.

For Academic Excellence

Kindergarten- Sophia Wallace, Rhonda Ojalehto and Sydney Stacy First grade- Mai’Le Denman, Veronica Worden and Kaylee Kleemeyer Second grade- Charlie Blain, Aiden McDonald, Owen Kangas and Baily Cureton Third grade- Kenji Londo, Nathaniel Dickerson, Conner Hurse and Tyson Ojalehto; Fourth grade- Lily Johnson- Schmaltz, Star Estill and Joshua Butler Fifth grade- Eric Wuestfield, Gavin Palmer, Belinda Vazquez and Caleb Thayer

For Excellent Behavior

Kindergarten- Makenna Fitzpatrick, Myah McElligott, Matilyn Applebury First grade- Sadie Scrichfield, Alyssa Green and Troy Huhta Second grade- Jacee Davis, Amorous Arce, Shyanne Cooke and Ellie Woolcott Third grade- Caleb Stewart, Emma Fitzgerald, Reagan Vandermeer and Cameron Scrichfield ;  Fourth grade- Seth Beres, Chloie Bowen and Piper Jenkins Fifth grade- Willow Ellis, Johnine Stoeher, Jordan Lopez and Kaitlin  Makenna

For Improvement

Kindergarten- Aiden Mitchell, Clay Kangas and Marlee Harper First grade- Ella McQuaid, Gracie Hendricks and Payton Thill Second grade Rylan Jewell, Jasmine Rodriquez, Wyatt Larson and Chloe Moore Third grade- Cassidy Drew, Madison Batchelder, Owen Robertson and Taylor Wickett Fourth grade- Dan Dills, Brittany Bean and Trini Merritt Fifth grade- Lexi Maggs, Haley Shonk, Trevor Janssen and Ethan Januscheitis

Congratulations Mrs. Woodrum!

Mrs. Woodrum

Congratulations to our secretary Misty Woodrum!  She was selected 2014 Regional Classified Person of the Year for the Educational Service District 112 Region. Classified staff includes everyone but the teachers and administrators in a school, and she is the best of the 31 school districts that make up ESD 112. Read more....

Science Fair


5th grade students at Robert Gray hosted an evening with parents to showcase their recent science experiments.  Students created experiments to test their hypotheses on a number of topics. After  using the scientific method and protocols that had been taught for experimental design, the students prepared presentation boards to share with others.  After brief introductions and light snacks in the classrooms, parents explored the various experiments in the gym.  Students were available to explain and answer questions to the inquisitive viewers.

Parents were impressed by the depth of the students’ thinking!  The 5th grade instructional team consists of Kami Hayes, Rhonda Tilton, Chad Sears and Shane Workman.  This presentation was not only an opportunity for students to share their learning but also an activity to increase parent involvement as one of the school’s goals on the Title 1 School Improvement Plan.    A great time was had by all!



School Store....

Shopping online? You can help raise money for Robert Gray when you go to the particpating merchants through SchoolStore. SchoolStore.com is an online shopping mall with over 400 merchants including Sears, Target, iTunes, Walmart, Disney Store, Family Book Store and many more. When your family and friends make everyday purchases from their favorite merchants, our school earns money!

We've sent this information home, but here is the flyer. The clip off at the bottom says to return by Friday...that is Friday January 24th.

Caught Being Good

The following students were Caught Being Good at Robert Gray Elementary School for the week of June 9-13 2014

Kindergarten- James Butler, Cyauna Moses and Soneya Seaberg First grade Faith Trekas, Gracie Hendricks and Troy Huhta Second grade- Emma Coke, Cyprus Bartley, Ryan Larson and Blake Chrisler Third grade- Kenji London, MaKenna Nugent, Hailie Smith and Christian Arteaga-Taft Fourth grade- Mabrie Richards, Emilio Torres and Jordan Sahim Fifth grade- Andee Whitman, Chloe Cochran, Sara Coleman and Holley Ludwig

The following students were Caught Being Good at Robert Gray Elementary for the week of June 2-6 2014
Kindergarten- Ethan Pittsley, Faith Gunderson and Colin Kilgore First grade- Caelyn Smith, Adrian Martinez-Gonzalez and Addison Hearn Second grade- Hannah Askay, Sam Torma, Alexandria White and Rohan Fraiser Third grade- Ainsley Hayes, Lily Kaye Roach, Braden Huhta and Madeline Pospichal Fourth grade- Cheyenne Castaneda, Korbyn McGlone and Keilie Fennel Fifth grade- Brock Barker, Alana Sahim, Mattalynn Axtell and Hayden George

The following students were Caught Being Good at Robert Gray Elementary for the Week of May 23-30 2014

Kindergarten-Genevieve Miner, Rhonda Ojalehto and Hank Nonemacher First grade- Faith Trekas, Malikia Smith and Cooper Hurse Second grade- Eric Castaneda, Zachary Gillman, Janelle Jurmu and Cobey Worth Third grade- Cassidy Drew, Gracie House, Jenna Cretsinger and Aisley Mclean Fourth Grade- Anna Wisuri, Y Ta and Kennedy Dahlquist Fifth Grade- Draven Lopez, Rose Jurmu, Kendal Bennett and Gage Kotera


The following students were Caught Being Good at Robert Gray Elementary for the week of May 19-23
Kindergarten- Alana Grace Hansen, Aiden Boone and Josie Marlow First grade- Kaleena Sahim, Easten Hearn and My Ta Second grade- Ronan McDonald, Ashliegh Towne, Taliah Kidrick and Johnny Jones Third grade- Cassidy Drew, J.P. McDonald, Hal”Lee Harris and Vivian Nguyen Fourth grade- Paige House, Christian Perez and Zeth Anderson Fifth grade- Cali Kangas, Tymothy Scott, Brandon Kotora and Gunnar Henthorn


Who was caught being good....the week ending May 9th

The following students were Caught Being Good for the week of May 5-9
Kindergarten Easton Kangas, Paige Burleson and Jadeyn Milian Firsst grade- Molly Byman, Kaitlyn Smith and Rowdie Ball Second grade- William Powers, Jasmine Rodriguez and Lillenne Plough Third grade- Paige White, Emily Jones, Conner Hurse and Vivian Nugyen Fourth grade- Brian Wasson, Ian Elmore and Aleyah Milian Fifth grade- Patrick Byman, Rose Jurmu, Trinia Byman and Ellie Castellano

Cookie Dough sales

Cookie DoughThere are a lot of great things we can do for the students at Robert Gray that are possible with our fundraiser.

At the right the vendor who provides the fundraiser talks about some of the prizes students can earn after meeting certain levels of sales.

Another reason for using this picture is so show you how well the students pay attention to the presentation as they sit with their classmates. Elementary schools are one of the few places the newest get the best seats in the house!

Supply List

See the supply list for 2013-14 for all grades...


PTO - Learn how you can help...

See this year's PTO flyer with how you can help at Robert Gray. Visit our PTO web page for more info.

Clip Box Tops and 'Labels for Education' raise funds!

Look for Box Tops on hundreds of participating products. Cut them out and return them to the school. Each Box Top is worth $.10 which adds up quickly when we all work together.

You can also check out www.BTFE.com the official Box Tops for Education website. There you can print coupons for products that have Box Tops on them, saving you money and earning Robert Gray money at the same time.

It's not just Campbell's Soup Labels anymore. Labels for Education can be found on cereals, snack items, stationery and magazines.Collect the UPCs, beverage and sauce caps from these participating products and return them to Robert Gray.

Every label returned earns points that can be redeemed for art supplies, athletic equipment, games or academics merchandise for the school. It is an easy way to get "Free Stuff" for the Robert Gray students.



2011-2012 Student Handbook (click here)

The staff is excited for the start of another school year. Whether you are a parent of a new or returning student to this great school, we hope that this handbook will be of use in providing you with important information about Robert Gray Elementary. We want all members of our school community to be informed, and we have identified topics that have been found to be of interest.  Feel free to call us if you have any questions about this handbook.  It is important that you take some time to familiarize yourself and your student with the content of this booklet. After doing so, please have your student return this form (Pdf) (Word) to the classroom teacher to indicate that you have received and reviewed this information.


Kindergarten Bus Pass

This year, bus-riding kindergarteners in the Longview School District will wear badges that display their names, as well as where they should be picked up and where they should be dropped off. Need extra badges? Click to print more.

(Letter sent to all Kindergarten parents from the school district)


Parks and Recreation Activities

The Longview Parks and Recreation department provides a program called All Stars and Super Stars Out of School Programs. They provide a wide variety of academics, cultural activities and physical fitness. The programs run from 7:00 AM - 8:45 am and 3:30-6:00 PM. Please view their booklet that explains the program and in interested you can download the application sheet. For further questions, call the Recreation office at 442-5400.

What do we do when the weather or other emergency impacts out school day?

Our school hours and other emergency info can be found on the Longview School District website. You will find info about bus snow routes and hours of school operations.

In addition to local radio stations announcing weather delays, you would like to get notices sent to your my email. Sign up for a free service called "Flash Alert". Please note: you must subscribe and keep your contact information updated; some spam filters block these messages; you can get messages pushed to your smart phone or tablet with the FlashAlert Messenger App. Info is on the FlashAlert signup site.
Information will be posted before 6 a.m.