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Greetings from Robert Gray!
The land of the blue and gold Explorers has been a busy place with the start of school!  After a well-received “Meet the Teachers” event, school began as it usually does…….returning students excited to reconnect with friends and teachers while new students navigated their new waters with just a bit of apprehension!  We welcomed our full day kindergarteners who came in like they were up for the challenge.  All indications are that they have made a smooth transition from home and pre-school.  In our opening all school assembly, we took time to introduce all the staff, and the “kinders” sat up front with eyes as big as saucers while they practiced sitting “crisscross applesauce” and attending!  After singing the school song, we could all feel the energy that 490 students create with a talented staff all cheering for the year ahead in the final “Boomalacka” cheer.  Welcome to ’13-14.

As many of you have heard, though we anticipated a smaller enrollment here this year, our numbers grew when we registered new students.  This prompted the District to provide additional staff in some critical areas, and we are in the process of making those additions that will reduce the class size and provide for the best of learning environments.  In addition to some added classroom sections, we are truly grateful for some other staff increases in the library and counselor positions. Did you know that  we now have a full time librarian and a full time counselor?  Tracy Robinson will be focusing all of her energies in our library, and Jill Whitright, a counselor from Cascade, has joined us in the office.  We are grateful to our school board for their support of these positions that will support all students.

In the course of the summer, we had much work done on our field adjacent to the playground that is used each day.  The District improved the drainage, leveled the field, and planted new turf that enjoyed the summer sun and the most recent September rains.  In addition, an improved kindergarten playground was completed by extending the area for students and gating the entire playground to create a safe environment close to the kindergarten classrooms.  Now that the District has completed their work, our PTO can continue to support these areas with improved equipment for kids.  What a change this collaborative effort has created in the past 2 years.  Our kudos go to Molly Brown, PTO chair of the Playground Committee for the effort and accomplishment. 

In the first weeks of school, we are refining our school improvement plans, and these will be posted to our site when they are complete.  We continue our focus on improving student achievement, and I look forward to sharing these indicators to you soon.

Welcome to Robert Gray.  We are glad you are here working with us to create student success.  If we are all about teaching and learning, you know that your play an incredibly important role in the process.  To those  among you who are new, get connected and involved.  To those who are returning for another year, STAY connected and involved! 

Go Explorers!

Bruce Holway

Robert Gray