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Hello Explorer families!

.We are off to a good start! I hope this update finds you and your student(s) settling in to the school year,

This past week was a busy one - as we continued to get settled in for the year, the Kindergarteners joined us, and are doing a great job as our newest Explorers. All of our students engaged in some sort of placement testing. Most are finished, but some will continue this week. By getting these tests (MAP, Dibels, and the Common Math Assessment) done early in the year, we will have a good measure of where our students start, how it compares to how they ended the year, and make better informed decisions about how to meet their learning needs this year. Some of our teacher teams were able to start looking at this information the very same day the tests were taken. As a staff, we will continue to analyze information, seek new strategies, and work with you to meet the needs of all of our learners.

In support of this, I have added a feature to the Robert Gray website, where you can submit compliments or questions that will come directly to my inbox. This is a way that you can help us recognize good things that may go unnoticed, or issues that need to be addressed. Through the website form, you also have the option of not attaching your name to your concerns or compliments. My hope is that by allowing both the option to include your name or to leave it off, you may feel more comfortable sharing issues or concerns. You can access the form from our main page at http://www.longview.k12.wa.us/rg/index.htm

I encourage you to check our website regularly, as we will work to keep it updated with information that you may find useful.

Thank you for your support of our staff and students. Stay tuned for more updates and information later this week, including information about our upcoming fundraiser, morning reading program, and spirit days!


Kala Lougheed, Ed.D.
Robert Gray Elementary
Ready to learn.  Ready for life