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May 2015

May Update
It’s a busy time of the year as we approach the final weeks of school.  Our students in grades 3-5 have done a tremendous job of persevering through the first year of the Smarter Balanced Assessments.  The state tests focus on English Language Arts (reading/writing) and Mathematics.  The transition to these new on line tests has been a smooth one as the teachers have prepared students with their effective instruction that has been aligned to the state standards.  In addition to the content preparation, the staff has also oriented the students to the use of the Chrome Book technology and the new computer lab that has been so instrumental in getting such large numbers of students assessed.  We are starting to get back the results on the 3rd graders and will keep you informed when all results are back from the state.  We are now in the process of completing staff assignments for next year, reviewing student progress and planning for school improvement activities for the coming year. 

Some of you may have already heard that I recently announced my plans to retire at the end of this school year.  When I came to Robert Gray after 33 years of working with middle schoolers, I had no idea what an honor and privilege it would prove to be in working with both the talented staff and the incredible kids that you have provided for these past 5 years.  I will never forget my first year here as I walked through the halls and so many students approached me with statements such as :

  • -You were my Mom’s 7th grade teacher!
  • -My Dad said that you were his principal.
  • -Do you remember my brother who played on the football team at Cascade… or Monticello?

I could go on and on with great stories and experiences.  For those of you who were students when I was the principal at Monticello or Cascade, it has been so much fun to have reconnected through your own kids.  While it might have made me feel a bit older at first, the experience has been invigorating.  How could it not be surrounded by 500 great kids?  I am truly thankful for this experience which has come at the end of my career in education in Longview. 

The staff has worked very hard to raise expectations, increase the focus on teaching and learning, and engage students through effective practices that have made a difference for our students.  Schools are always developing and growing.  They never stop evolving, and I am committed to make sure that during this change in leadership, I will actively participate in the transition of the new principal.  Dr. Dan Zorn, our new Superintendent, will be facilitating the assignment of a new principal for Robert Gray.  I will work hard to make sure that staffing, student placement, school improvement planning, and all the details that go into prepping for the start of school in the fall are mapped out so that the work can continue as we would all want it.  There is much to do in the weeks ahead. 

Again, I thank you for being so supportive  of your kids, out staff and my leadership .  Your involvement has been the key to our success.

-Bruce Holway, RGE Principal

Boomalacka Cheer- The Boomalacka cheer was taught to the students by Mr. Holway during his first year at Robert Gray.  It continues to be a tradition at the close of all awards assemblies in support of the RGE spirit!
                                                                Boomalacka, Boomalacka, bow,wow wow.
                                                                Chickalacka, Chickalacka, chow, chow, chow.
                                                                Boomalacka, Chickalacka, who are we?
                                                                The Explorers at RG!