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  • Adding or subtracting time on the student’s program,

  • changing the educational setting (LRE), or

  • exiting the student from program is considered a change of placement,requires a reevaluation.

As in other cases, it is not always necessary that a reevaluation include new testing.  If there is sufficient information to make the decision without any new testing, then simply review the data.  All the required steps can be compressed into one or two IEP meetings.

 Steps for change of placement


Who Has Responsibility


1.  An IEP meeting is scheduled

Case Manager

  • IEP.Online Invitation Procedural safeguards

2.  The IEP team determines that there may be a need for increased time or change in LRE

IEP Team*

  • Notice of reevaluation
  • Procedural Safeguards

3.  Reevaluation takes place

Team members assigned specific assessments

  • Individual Assessment Reports

4.  Reevaluation results are reviewed to determine the need for the changes

IEP Team*

  • Notice of IEP Meeting
  • Procedural Safeguards

5.  The IEP team agrees that a change in placement is needed

IEP Team*

  • Notice of Reevaluation Results
  • Notice of IEP
  • IEP Amendment or new IEP
  • Notice of Placement

6.  The IEP team agrees that new services are not needed

IEP Team*
Notice must be sent within 10 calendar days

  • Notice of Reevaluation Results

     *Note:  The parent is part of the IEP team.

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