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Parent Notification:

  • Prior Written (indicate reason for IEP)

  • Phone contact to set IEP date (minimum of 10 days prior)

  • Written Notice to confirm date (invitation to meeting – remember, if transition is discussed ages 14 – 21 invite the student)

  • Phone confirmation – (two days before the meeting)

IEP Preparation:

  • Review current Evaluation Report

  • Review current IEP

  • Review progress monitoring data

  • Review Person Centered Plan (if the student has one)

IEP Meeting Participants:

  • Parent/Guardian

  • Special Educator

  • Regular Educator

  • District representative (principal or designee)

  • Student (if transition is discussed – 14 years +)

  • Other as appropriate:  __school psych, __SLP, __Motor, __Hearing/Vision, __student, __advocate, __agency, __ other ( ____________)


  • Folder for parents

  • IEP rough draft

  • Data:  ___available, __ organized (progress monitoring notebook), __previous IEP, __other (__________________________________________________________)

IEP Meeting:

Set Tone

  • __introduction,

  • __ review reason for meeting,

  • __ state task,

  • __ time

Explanation of Data:

  • Parent information – (record appropriately – team considerations page)

  • Review previous IEP

  • Review current information (progress monitoring notebook, evaluation report recommendation, Person Centered Plan – if the student has one)

  • Relate present levels to general curriculum

Translation of Data to IEP:

  • Goals (observable and measurable)

  • Benchmarks (if appropriate – required if the student is participating in an Alternate Assessment)

  • Input by:  __parent, __teacher, __specialist


  • ESY

  • Surrogate

  • LRE

  • Rights and responsibilities

  • Transition (15+) younger if needed

  • Age of majority

  • State/local testing

  • Evaluation summary of services and IEP services match

  • Amount of service

  • All information filled in

  • Signature – participation – (at beginning of meeting)

  • Signature – parent and administrative designee on Prior Notice (at the end of the meeting)

General Meeting Review

  • Rapport established

  • Kept on task

  • Meeting reasonable in length

If Parent/Guardian does not show up:

  • Document three contacts – two different ways – letter must have been sent (noted under contact attempts)

  • Proceed with meeting

  • IEP completed

  • IEP sent to parent

  • Prior written notice sent to parent