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What's happening?

Smarter Balanced ELA (English Language Arts) and Math Assessments

Smarter Balanced ELA (English Language Arts) and Math Assessments will take place at St. Helens on the following days:

  • Third Grade 

Mrs. Crisp –April 13, 19 & 20 and May 9, 16 & 17
Mrs. Allen – April 15, 21 &22 and May 10, 19 & 20
Mr. Holt – April 18, 25 & 26 and May 12, 23 & 24

  • Fourth Grade

Ms. Hoyt and Mrs. Moon – April 25 and May 3, 4, 16, 19 & 20

  • Fifth Grade

Mr. Hanson and Mrs. Kiffe – April 26 and May 3, 4, 5, 6, 17, 23, 24

Please remember that it is very important for your child to get a good night’s sleep and breakfast prior to the assessment day.

Testing will take place at the beginning of the school day, so it is important that your child arrive to school on time. We would also request that any appointments be scheduled outside of the dates identified for your child’s assessments, so that they’re able to complete the assessments with their classroom peers.

Community invited to information sessions on long-range facility planning

A staff-citizen committee is developing a plan to address the district’s long-range building needs, and they want to hear your ideas. See more

Our Zero the Hero Math Night was a huge success. We had just under 300 children and adults attend! Wonder Woman and Captain America made a showing again. Mrs. Reese's son, Konner, was Captain America’s (aka Mr. Hooper) “Mini-Mi”. Thank you to all of our wonderful families for taking time out of their busy night to attend the event! See images....

Citizens of the Month for April

Students of the Month

The St. Helens Elementary School Citizens of the Month for April, 2016.

Front Row:  Kaedan Mudge, Cynthia Haas, Morelia Roldan, Heston Hughes, Isaiah Ramirez, Jaime Lara, Maricela Basurto Hernandez and Arleen Hansen

Back Row:  Gavin Bastin, Cayden Silil, Gerardo Estrada Cervantes, Shawna Wilder, Jasmin Escorcia, Bianka Tommy, Alaina Cave, Rosalia Basurto Caballero and Principal Mrs. Reese

Super Star Citizens of the Week

Below are the St. Helens Elementary School Super Star Citizens for the week of April 18 through the 22nd:

Kindergarten:  Amy Bossy, Michael Nava, Ellie Luff, Gabriel Morales, Kyra Hay, Jaylah Duggan, Sariah Jarrett, Jazzy Casanova and Izel Alire

1st:  Miguel Clark, Gregory Gullett, AileiAnna Parcel, Preston Price, Cody Vicars, Jaime Lara, Kylie Hardy, Isaiah Ramirez and Johny Lyons

2nd:  Arleen Hansen, Franky Reyes, Mariana Monje Ramirez, Adisyn Cox, Matthew Markstrom, Brooklynn Gindhart, Dale Aker, Addy Elliott and Kevin Johnson

3rd:  Johny McCarroll, JayCee Ivey, Lincoln Johnson, Aundrea Williams, Jordan Bugg, Cayden Silil, Ethan Williams, Leo Richardson and Hayden Williams

4th:  Luis Gomez-Bracken, De’Von Daugherty, Annie Rim, Xavier Vidalez, Noah Younker and Kasi Herrera-Orozco

5th:  Rosalia Basurto, Antonio Aguilar-Scadding, Ally Garcia, Daniel Monje Ramirez, Malaqui Garcia and Nina Clark

Come on Mrs. Reese...Lucy won't bite!

The Reptile Man stopped by St. Helens for a visit on November 24th. Students and staff enjoyed an hour of seeing and learning about a variety of reptiles. Lucy the Alligator was a huge hit with the students! Mrs. Reese even mustered up enough courage to hold Lucy for a quick pic! See more pictures...



  • New school bus?
  • No Seahawk on our school busses
  • This is the Limo of Boom!
  • What does the inside look like?
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  • Staff likes it!
New school bus?1 No Seahawk on our school busses2 This is the Limo of Boom!3 What does the inside look like?4 5 Cool!6 Staff likes it!7
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It’s a great day at St. Helens. We kicked off our morning on November 4th with our annual staff photo.

This year’s backdrop was graciously provided by St. Helens PE teacher, Darcy Campbell. The “Limo of Boom” brought smiles to adults and student’s faces this morning. What a great way to start our day. Go hawks and Super Stars!

School Hours – 8:30-3:00,

Breakfast 7:45-8:15

3rd-5th Grade 11:20-11:50
Kindergarten-2nd grade , 11:50-12:20


Early Release Wednesdays

Every Wednesday, beginning on September 9th, there will be a one hour early release. Students will be released at 2:00. This will take the place of what was late start Wednesdays last year.


Need to leave a message for your child?

In order to maximize the learning time for our students, we are asking parents/guardians to call the office by 2:30 to leave a message for a child. Any calls received after that time may not reach your child. 
We appreciate your support with this and also avoiding early check-outs as much as possible.

What do we do when the weather or other emergency impacts out school day?

Our school hours and other emergency info can be found on the Longview School District website. You will find info about bus snow routes and hours of school operations.

In addition to local radio stations announcing weather delays, you would like to get notices sent to your my email. Sign up for a free service called "Flash Alert". Please note: you must subscribe and keep your contact information updated; some spam filters block these messages; you can get messages pushed to your smart phone or tablet with the FlashAlert Messenger App. Info is on the FlashAlert signup site.
Information will be posted before 6 a.m.